Tuesday, October 11, 2011

RTI & Science

We have started RTI and we are reading the story called The Waterfall. We are also making nametags. RTI is Monday,Tusday,Thursday,and Friday. We go there every time after our recess.
We are doing science and so far in the back of our room we are growing a plant called the Wisconsin Fast Plant and they are growing very well. After a couple days we check them and then we take them out of their sheet and we get buddied up with a partner and we have a science book and we look at our plant and we write about it. We draw a picture of it and then we talk about the plant. Science is lots of fun but we don't only do stuff about plants we also do math in science and that is why science is the best in any school you could think of.

Reporters: Shelby & Katelyn


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