Friday, September 9, 2011

Our first full week

This was a fantastic week in our classroom! We have been busy learning the routines and and settling into third grade. Just a reminder that the book orders are due on Monday.

I asked the students what I should write about and was given a list of items to post! So, here are the highlights from this past week:

We started a few fun activities that students can choose to do when they complete their classwork. One choice students have is to do BOGGLE. Our Boggle champ for the week was Natalie! Students can also choose an NFL Challenge.(Never Finished Learning) In addition, students have started "bucket-filling" this week. Ask your child to tell you about this great way to make others feel good through positive notes. I will also talk more about these activities at Back to School Night.

Today we also wrote letters to our 3rd grade penpals from a small rural town in Minnesota. This will be a great way for the students to practice their letter writing skills as well as learn about school and life in a small town in another state.

I am excited about all that is in store for us as we journey through third grade this year!!


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